Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Wide Awake


"God knows that I tried seeing the bright side, but I'm not blind anymore."

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Two Of Us Will Always Be One

"Common pictures of the fallen years

Distant memories that are filled with tears

Just remember when a dream appears

The one that loses is filled with fear

It doesn't matter if its sun or rain

We'll be searching for a silver plain

After all that is said and done

The two of us will always be one"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good - Bye Middle School

                        Woah, finally I have passed all my exams at school. Those two weeks lasted SO long for me. I studied really hard, and Thanks GOD I have passed all of them. Thank you to my friend Louie to, for his support at this time. It helped me a lot :)

          So tomorrow is my school prom and I am really excited for it. I cannot believe it has already passed nine years. It's like yesterday I went to school, to my first class, saw my first teacher, and met my first classmates and soon enough close friends. When I was at primary school I always look at people who went to middle school, and thought they were so tall, smart, and beautiful. And now I'm one of them.

         These nine years was really fine to me. I always liked school. Of course I didn't like homework, tests, and exams. I’ve heard a lot of bad things to my address from the girls who think they are so cool. The first sell out, first broken heart. But I got so much more nice things as funny trips with my classmates, people who support me and never leave me alone, talks about who we gonna be when we grow up, marry someone from the class and etc. Great teachers, interesting lessons and funny mishaps = ALL THESE I WILL NEVER FORGET.

         I also think that all good things will stuck in my head about school because of my Mum. She’s a teacher of English here. And she was always with me whenever I needed her. She’s my protector #1, everywhere even at school. She’s awesome :)

        I know that my classmates are not the best in this world. But I spent 9 years with them. They know me as I know my five fingers. And tomorrow is our school prom. The day when we are going to spend together for the last time. I'm going to graduate from my middle school.

       And the next academic year only a few people from my class and me will continue to study at school for the next two years. We are going to enter the new class with new people. But that is not the end that is just the beginning. And I hope it will be better, interesting and exciting.