Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time Flies When You Are Happy.

                     My University life is so hyper, that I couldn't find some minutes to tell you about my five flawless days which I spent in English Summer Camp 2014 since 24th to 29 August. :)

           So, here we go --

           That all begun when my friend texted me the other day and said "Ayee, do you remember we  visited English Summer Camp in 2012? They gonna have this camp in August again, but this camp is gonna be on the road, and I need your help with sharing" :) I was so happy to see this message, because I did remember how awesome it was two years ago. My friends and I got to some flyers and we started to invite people to these camp for meeting new friends, for pracrising English and for having much fun. And in the camp there were about 110 people. People came  from Astana, Karaganda, Almaty and even one guy came from Ust-Kamenogorsk (which is 15 hours drive from here), he came to Karaganda just to join the camp. *Clapping our hands* :)

            So our road begun on August 24th at 3 pm. People from Karaganda took a bus and three hours later we got the place recreation area "Immanuel" where the others were waiting for us :) In a few minutes we had a surprise (aka) "Backing Challenge" becasue we had got poured a bucket of cold water. That was so cool ;) Yeah, it was! So, as I said before in this camp there were people from Karaganda, Astana, Almaty and of course people from America, our teachers and volounteers :)

           Our camp were spilt into several groups and each of us was given a colorful ribbon. Each color signified a level of English. Then we were divided into groups (colors), our team was the yellow:)  We met with the volunteers and the people in the group. We had to come up with the name of our team and the motto. The name of our team was "Yellow Monkeys". Why? I HAVE NO IDEA. :) That same evening we were informed that the camp would have a talent contest and everyone could take part in. Despite the fact that they didn't give us a chance to change our clothers, and we felt exhausted after riding in a bus and besides I got a huge stain because of the grass on my jeans. I decided that I couldnt miss this chance to perfrom tonight :) I was very excited, but the warm atmosphere in the camp and my lovely friends gave me such a great support and satisfaction to perfrom there. Plus, in the middle of the song, the Christion band "The Light" put some drums and piano sounds to my song which made it so perfectly. You guys are great, thank you!

           The first day went flawless, and all days went the same way. If I begin to talk about every minute in this camp, I think It will become a book :) So, I will tell you about this in short.
We lived in separate houses, each house had five rooms, in each room had eleven beds. In our room lived ten people, but then two of our friends (volunteers) they sadly needed to fly home back, as they had been in the recreation area for a very long time before. And there were eight of us in the room.
We woke up at 8 a.m every day, we did some morning exercises, then had breakfast. That was not easy to enter the dining room everytime, becaue they made funny challenges for us. And they were truly funny. What about the food in the camp? Everything was TRULY DELICIOUS! A huge THANK YOU to our cooks. After breakfast everyday we had three lessons with Native Speakers. There were reading, speaking, listening, writing and more. To me that was a big practise for my English. Then after the lessons we had luch and afther luch we had some active time. There were some clubs with Russian Americans (those Russians who immigrated or born in America). We had a movie club, a drama club,  a cooking club, a karaoke club, a guitar club, a fun club, a poerty club, an intellectual club and I think even more. Everyone had a chance to choose any club he/she wanted to. Or even joining several clubs in one day. And that was really fun!
I enjoyed a drama club first, and we had some practise how to show our feelings and emotions on the stage! the end of the camp we had a huge concert, where we showed my favorutie skit ever which is name "Everything". The skit is about how great our Lord. And no matter what, it's never too late to go to Jesus. I also was so thankful that the drama club gave me a chance to take part in this skit with our volonteers and even played the leading part. I really hope people got us this way as we tried to show. Amen.

              Then I enjoyed Karaoke club. They made their own X-Factor Show. And woah, they gave me a chance to perform my original song " I love you" at night perfromances for the public. And that was fabulous.
Then I enjoyed "Fun Club" where we were makig our own colorful T-Shirts. We did have a ball doing them :)
             After the clubs, we had some sport time, which Nadya missed all the time. Such a shame. I am not a good runner, or jumper or ball-player . :) But moslty I just got some rehearsals for the night shows during sport time.
            After sport time we had dinner. And after dinner we had my favortie thing in this camp. --Evening activities. We gathered in the great hall together. We sang songs together, played, perfromed, did all that stuff. And every evening we had a discustion about faith. We talked about our Lifesaver. And also we were able to ask questions in what we were interested in. And everyone was able to tell opinions about that. I did love these discussions. These considerations showed me the truth that we sometimes do not notice.
        After all these we had evening tea and about 11.00 p.m. it was time for sleep.

       As the great russian writer Griboyedov said "Time flies when you are happy". I can say that I was the happiest person in this camp. Because those five days flew too fast. I really hope they will come back next year. :)
      And I want to THANK the organizers of the camp for made such a perferc camp for us.
      And we all thank GOD for united all of us in this camp :)
      Plus every Friday we try to meet each other and talk, eat, play, sing. We try to continue the camp by our own ways :)

                                                           GOD is good. All the time.

                                              Thank you for spending your time and read this.

                                                                    You are awesome.

                                                     And here are some pictures and videos.


 The Yellows :) 
 Mrs. Lorraine Power

 Mr. Jon Roose

Mrs. Suzanne Slind

Goodbye to two of our good friends!

Mrs. Jenny Far and Mr. Kevin Farr

 Mrs. Ruth Ragers