Thursday, June 30, 2016

Grandma Is A Blessing

My world distinctly fell apart forty days ago, when I lost the sunniest person in my life.

I just want to say that I have always known that I have a very special grandmother.

She was a very wise person. Every time my Mum or I did not know the right decision or solution, my Granny always had a clear answer. And she was right all the time.

My Granny saw the essence of the people and she always knew how to choose good friends.

She was a very kind person and she was very generous. It didn’t make any problem to make her laugh. But she never liked noisy caboodles or crowded parties.

My grandmother was a very beautiful and fashionable lady.

She never decried anyone and never spoke a devil. She was totally a sunshine.

I really miss you. I miss your smile, your warm palms, and your blue eyes.

No one else in the world would never treat me, or kiss me, or give me a tip like you did.

I miss when your little gesture could make laugh anyone in the room. But you have always dreamed about peace and quiet.

I hope you are where you will find what you have always wanted.

Rest in peace and most importantly rest in the Lord.