Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

English Summer Camp -- I miss you

I still can’t believe that my camp is over. :( I've been to many camps, but I've never been so annoyed to say goodbye as this time to this camp. That was the place where I was happy to go every morning. I met a lot of awesome people there. We had such interesting lessons, fun, we sang, we played. I was spending eight hours a day in there, but they flew as eight seconds. In our camp we had six volunteers. Four of them were born in Russian or the Ukraine, but all of them have been living in the US for a very long time. They are:



And Said. He was born here in Kazakhstan. But he flew a day earlier, and I wasn’t able to take a picture with him.:(

Another one is Mary. She is the only American. She was born in Virginia.
They are awesome, aren’t they? :)

So in the camp we were split into 5 groups there, and each group presented a country. We were Russia :) Each country had an own volunteer. And our “Daddy” was Oleg. He is really nice and funny guy. Over five days, every country should have made a presentation of itself. For example to show the scenes with the facts about the country, try to act famous people from this country, etc. So Russia was the first. After that Oleg’s favorite phrase that he used to say every day was “Russia is the best. Guys, we’re the winners. Russian is #1 here”. That was really funny to hear that :) He really thought so ;) But… the results of the last contest (hunting with a camera) showed that the first place had been taken by Germany. But it has not helped Oleg to change his mind. He still thought that Russia was the best :)

Our camp was like the Olympic Games. Every morning we watched a movie with Mary, where she showed us that we should not give up. We should go till the end with the intended purpose. And every day we have set ourselves the goal for today. That was pretty cool. We also tried to express our own opinion, guessed riddles, participated in various competitions, for which we got some candies. I loved that thing :) :) :)

The day before last, our team wanted to distinguish ourselves so that we could meet the expectations of our leader LOL. We wrote a song about our camp. (You can watch it through my You Tube acc)
 We had only one night to make the song. So I took Taylor Swift's song The Best Day. Because the music is easy to sing, and it's so beautiful and touchable. Then I wrote the lyrics about the camp, and mixed it with music. I gave it to our team (Russia) and they corrected my mistakes and added some lyrics too. We changed the music a little bit and tadaaam. We did it :D The last 5th day was amazing. Everyone got a certificate like this one:
I was so sorry to say good-bye to this camp. I took all the emails from our volunteers just to keep in touch with them :) On Saturday we had a picnic, where we had a fantastic time there. We played games all day, ate, laughed, played and sang. Everything was super.

All the volunteers are strong believers. Maybe this is why I think that was the best camp. And on Sunday all the volunteers and I visited a church. It was not our Orthodox Church. It was a House of Prayer for all nations. We read lines from the Bible, listening to people. I even sang the song with the volunteers. Then I got THAT was the last day with them. My eyes were full of tears. We became a family there. I hugged all of them and they said “We don’t say “goodbye”, we’ll hope to meet you and all people from the camp again someday”. That truly made me smile :) I wish it comes true. I will hope. I will believe. I will pray.

GOD bless.

P.S. Thank you to my friend Shadeka for called me to this camp.