Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just so you know.

Marina's Bridal Shower.

Time goes by so  pretty quickly.

It seems like it was yesterday Marina and I were standing on the same stage. And on  the 8th of August (this Friday), she gets married! She is extremely young, but everyone has their own right age to get married. All I want her to be happy. To be happy all the long married life. 

Thank you for invited us to share your happiness with you! : )
And...we had so much fun on Bridal Shower. It was the last breath of girl's freedom for you. Now take a deep breath for a new chapter of your life. 
See you on Friday :) 

Мы Карагандинцы.

Just took part in the singing competition "Мы Карагандинцы". Got new friends, experience and fun. :)

Then I got my first ever little interview. This Channel gave me a chance to intoroduce myself as a songwriting artist and showed a small part of my perfomance. I have never been too excited to see me on TV! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I personally apologize for a bad quality. 

Thank you for reading & watching this.

Love, Nadya <3