Monday, November 12, 2012


I ‘ve  just come back from Karkaralinsk, holiday house “Shakhteor”. I had amazing days and here’s the whole story :) Here we go.

Educational Department of my city has decided to make a small gift for children who do well at school, who take part in various contests, participate in Olympiads.

They gave us a ticket to the resort area, in Karkaralinsk, the pension "Miner". Each school had to take on 2-3 students. My classmate and me went to this camp. For the first day everybody was so shy, we got meet each other. Then the next day we forgot the names of each other, and introduced to each other all over again :) That was funny. There were about 160 people in this camp.

Our camp was called Sportland. And the whole sportland was split into 4 teams. Each team had a name. I was in the third team – Best. Team. Ever. (:  Our name was “Three stripes”. Oh, it’s a long story of making the name of our team :) The picture of my team.

 Our counselors and teacher :) Best in the world! 
Each day there was full of happiness and fun. We danced, then ate, sung, then ate, talked then ate, played then ate. Did I say we ate there? :D The food was so delicious. We had eaten for 10 days and another 10 days to come :) The pictures of our dining room.

Everyday we had sport games. We won and lost, but the most important no matter we were together. The one :)

We shared a room for 3 people. I lived with my classmate, and with a very cute girl Christina.  The room looks like this:

But the best thing in this camp that there were LOVELY people. I was enchanted to meet all of them. They were so sweet, so kind, so talented, so open, so nice.

Every single night we had a concert and in one of these concerts I sang Tim McGraw. I just took my guitar, all my knees were shaking, I was so excited about this. There were about 160 such talented people, no ordinary people. But then when I heard the applause, when I saw his hands raised up, I was speechless. I was enchanted to meet all of these guys. I was fallen for them. I got such a huge support and love. I hugged all of them, and my heart was saying "Thank you". And you know what? I looked out into a crowd of hundred of people and have them singing the words to this song. That dream almost came true. #DreamBig

At the last day we all were crying. I did not think that we could get attached to people within just 10 days. I miss all of them. We gotta meet each other soon again. And I’m so excited about this.
And as always Nadya wrote the song about this. The song called “Unforgettable” .Will be out soon. :)
And there are some pictures from this camp. –

The house where we lived.

Halloween party ^_^

My namesake Nadya :) Such a cute girl. She was my closest friend for camp
Karkaralinsk beautiful view!

Dance wohooo :)
Me is not good at sport or climbing. And the whole camp helped Nadya to reach the mountain. LOL
But we got the TOP! :D
Boys. Boys. Boys. :)
Squirrel, who lived near our housing :)
Girls. Girls. Girls. :D
In the last picture there is a girl on the right named Christina who had  lived with me and my classmate Vera. And on the left the girl named Diana. She’s made adorable dances for dance parties (:

That guy named Denis. I met him on XFactor. And I was so surprised when I saw him in this camp too. He’s really talented and nice guy. He’s a German also :D

Museum of Nature
I truly miss this camp. Miss you. <3



  1. Amazing words :) I miss them too!!!! Love you ♥

  2. I love this, Nadya :)I know you are not very much sporty. But even on the Sportland you managed to make friends with almost everybody.