Monday, July 14, 2014

When you think Taylor Swift, I hope you think of me... :)


This is how sounds a hyphen of such a wonderful country band, whom I met on August 8 in my town. Their name is Blended 328.

It was a usual morning of July 8. My friend Venera phoned me and said that an American band came to our town, and anyone can come and meet and greet with them. I love meeting new people. Especially if it is knowing talented people and I decided to go.

Before that I googled this band and I discovered that this band is from Nashville and they sing country music. Woah, from that moment I wanted to meet them so much more. I also listened to some of their music and immediately became a fan of their music.

When Venera and I reached the place of meeting, we saw how open, lovely and talented the band is. They performed some of their songs, they also told us about life in America and more. And they asked the audience some questions, and when it was my turn I told them that I am such a lover of country music since 2009. And then I saw how we became soul mates ;) And then...they asked me to sing. I was super nervous about this. I performed “Tim McGraw” by Taylor.  Well, two country singers in one song. I was so blessed to hear that they became a fan of my voice. Can you believe it? They told me keep writing my originals and never give up. And I felt so blessed for their warm words to my side.
I took a picture and hugged everyone of them. I blushed and shone all the way home then.

And now, you guys should check out their music and see how flawless they are :) They also had a concert in my town, but my Nadya couldn't go...AYE! You should see them :)

And this is a collage of the pictures with Blended 328. 
I wish I could share a picture with Kimberly Philips and me too. But my phone didn't retain this photo :(  
Now I think we have a reason to meet each other again...hahah :)

And this is "Hi' from Venera and me. 

Thank you for reading this :) 

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