Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Birthday my lovely Mummy.

Happy Birthday to YOU, happy birthday to YOU, 

happy birthday my lovely 

Mummy, Happy Birthday to you. 

Today the sun shines brightly more than ever, because today is a special day. It’s your BIRTHDAY, my dear Mum. I am very fortunate to have you as my Mum. And I am wishing you a day loaded with love, warmth and happiness. I wish you the hugest health. And may your life be as wonderful as you are.

There is no other Mom like you. You stand by me all the time. And you teach me that there is always the sun after the rain. :)

Happy, Happy Birthday :) Please, forgive me all my mistakes that had ever hurt you. You are the most wonderful person in my life. No one can ever take your place in my heart because you are my one and only Mum.

Thank you for made my dreams come true, thank you for your lessons, support and endless love.

When I was 5, I used to say in my kindergarten that “My Mum has a golden heart”. I am 18 now and I 

hadn’t changed my opinion, and I never will. 

I will always love you with all my heart! 

GOD bless you ❤

Your daughter Nadya :)


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