Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bad Signs

Bad Signs

I just wanna tell you a few words about my opinion of bad signs.
I don’t really believe them, to be honest I don't believe in that at all.
I think we just spend our times to believe in that, well how can the “Black Cat” make you day bad? That’s just a cat, yes it’s black, still a simple cat. And a broken mirror, we could break it down by accident, and why people think that their days will be so unlucky after that?
I know that yesterday was the 13th of Friday. I know that some of my friends was waiting for something bad, they were afraid, but I cant understood what they were afraid? That’s just an ordinary day. And yesterday was really cool, and guess what? That was Friday, 13th. I even like the number 13 and don’t find it bad.
If you really believe in those bad omens, I can tell you, all what you need to do is Pray to GOD. If you see that a black cat ran across the road just ask GOD to save you in that day. If you got in the car with number 666, just Pray, and ask Jesus to bless you.
Pray to GOD everyday, and you can be calm, because nothing can be stronger than the Love of God.

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  1. I don't believe this superficial nonsense either. My Grandmother told me that they are myths. A myth Is another word for the word "STORY" That black cat Is scary Nadya? I`m just kidding. I think people believe far too much on what they listen to. How can a black furry Cat give you bad luck? Because he`s black? I have a black car, and I love It:)

    Friday the 13th? Spooky. I know the number 13 has been playing with our minds for years. I don't actually believe this to be unlucky myself. I think It Is just a number, and nothing else. Why 13? I don't know. Why Is the world round? I don't know that either.

    666? Revelation 13:18. I don't like the number personally, but like you said: If you believe In Jesus then you shall NOT have any worries.

    Agreed Miss Nadya :)