Thursday, March 22, 2012


Childhood is something great, fun, colorful and magical. The happiest time. I think the world of childhood is a great period in the life of every person. Yes, maybe you are a child under the care of good parents, and it only improves your life. Parents love you, care about you and never give offense. I think that a child should feel as if he or she lives in a magical land where everything shimmers with different colors and paints, all sparkling with happiness. As a child, every person has bright moments, and despite the fact that children grow up gradually, a fairyland of childhood is accompanied by a person for years. Children become adults over the years. The adults are getting cleverer. But still they will never forget this magical country - his first school of life. Childhood is a small life! My childhood was a huge world for me. Loving with all hearts. Parents, freedom of actions, many friends and the joy of discovery. I sometimes think that if there were no children, then all life would be boring and useless. We all come from childhood… “There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”


  1. Wow, did you write this? This Is beautiful. You could make a story out of this :)

    When you are born, we know nothing. All around us we see bright vibrant colors, and an Imaginary world. As we grow we Invent another world where we play with dolls, and creatively Imagine a far away kingdom with unicorns, a prince, and toy soldiers. We start to grow older, but these memories still grow Inside of us. Then when we start to notice things, and observe life to the fullest, fate comes, and steals away our Innocence. How I wish I could return to my childhood. Who wants to grow up anyways? I dont:)

  2. Thank You for the comment, Louie :)
    Well Mr. Google translate helped me a little bit, but the main idea and text were made by me.
    Agree, when we were born, we didn't know anything. We learn things year after year.
    Sorry that sometimes we wanted to grow up too fast.Childhood is a sweet period where we didn't know what means mean people and adults problems. I wish I could return my childhood too! :)