Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fallen In Love

It happened one month ago. I was just sitting in the classroom, and suddenly some lines came into my head "That was an ordinary day, I was in an ordinary store. But when I saw your face everything became so magical”. I quickly wrote these lines on a paper, because I could forget them. So when I got home, I took my guitar and made some music for those lines. And 45 min later, I wrote that song called “Fallen in love”.Taylor Swift’s song “Enchanted” has inspired me the most to write that song. And this song is about a girl who fell in love with a guy so hard. But she doesn't know how to say It to him. She is afraid to say about her feelings. In the end the guy made the first step to her, as he realizes about her feelings. And >Tadaaam, they are together. Happy ending :) Within a month I made some amendments and removed some extra lines. I wanted to make it good. I’ll post it on YouTube, very soon. And I hope that you enjoy it :) “If you want to read my diary, just listen to my songs”. -Nadya


  1. You could be In a crowded room, and no one will notice you. You could be at the top of the highest mountain, yet, your all alone. You could be just anywhere, but one time when you least not expect It, something will happen, someone will say Hi, and that will be the day that someone has noticed you.

    I was on an airplane once coming from Las Vegas to New-York. I remember talking to this lady, her name was Jamie. She was middle aged. She was upset too. She had gone to a funeral. She wanted me to read her a story from a book. She said that I spoke nice, and that I made her flight enjoyable. As we departed the aircraft at JFK, she gave me a hug, and we then exchanged e-mail addresses. To this very day. I still remember her kind words, and how she noticed me.

    Things do happen for a reason

    Well Nadya, I am sure your song Is just perfect. You have not failed yet In creating, and I don't believe you ever will.

    I scribble things down also when something comes to mind. I then use those lines for my writing, and It really helps. It`s funny how your mind can create something more than words, and turn that Into something more fascinating.

    Your song will be just perfect. You are a born leader!

    1. Yes, agree. That is so awesome when someone noticed by someone, and yes, it all happened for a reason :) The contradiction of physics is that similar attracts similar. And it's perfect when a kind heart found a kind heart. When an open soul found an open soul.

      Good for you talking to this lady Jamie. She was very upset, and she needed someone like you. Everyone needs support when they feel divided. And her hug is a way of saying "Thank you for everything" to you. :)

      Yes, you dream of something, or just listen to the song, or read a book, and then suddenly lines come into your mind. You like them and use them for a story or a song.

      Woah, thank you! I hope you like it.
      Oh, i don't think I am a leader, but nice to know that i can be a leader in your eyes. :) :) :)