Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back To School

So, I fallen in love with summer. And summer fallen in love with me. But school doesn't want us to be together ;)

Hahah, I mean today my school started. Woah, I am so excited. I am in 10th grade now. I'm in  senior high school now.Today was my first bell for the 10th time :) I really liked my new class. They are nice. And I hope this year gonna be great. Let's rock it :D

Today was really a fine day. That was my first day at school. One of my friend entered a language college and asked me to sing with her there. So then I had a concert, I went to this college and sang there, and that was pretty awesome, and pretty fun :)

Then I got home, had such a gorgeous evening with my family and friends. And now gotta go eat cakes ;)
I hope this year will be cool.  I hope it's gonna be something new :)   Thanks GOD I won't have these exams as I had in 9th grade. My bestie will :) She's in 9th :) GOOD LUCK TO HER!

I'm about going to bed. I'm going to Church with my friends tomorrow.

GOD bless you and all close people around you.

Love, love, love -Nadya xoxo (tenth grader :) :) :))


  1. Of all of the seasons, summer is the most desirable for young people. And when it is over we can’t wait for the next one.

    Hello September with new nice people, new cares and expectations.

    But Nadya, nothing changes in the life. But the scenery.

  2. Summer is a lovely period. And I always can't wait of it :)
    I am ready for my new school year with new adventures.
    Thank you for the comment <3