Sunday, September 23, 2012


Last Friday Was a Fairytale!

I was watching TV with my Mum, and suddenly we saw a commercial of XFactor audition. They let us take part in XFactor since 16 here in Kazakhstan. My Mum looked at me and asked "How old are you Nad?" "I am 16, Mum" ;) Then she asked "Why don't you want to take part in this contest?" I was like, are you kidding? I am not even ready for this. But she told me that they won't take money, they won't kill me if I only try.

So, on September 21st, I skipped my school. I persuaded my two best friends to skip school too, and we went on XFactor. I was so excited about this! When I got the place, I saw such a huge crowd, outside and in a summer cafe. (There was rain) and I thought like -- Oh my, my, my there are a lot of people here. My chances like 1 of 100. And I was the youngest there. But I kept believing :)

There was so cold outside, it was raining. But I met such  nice guys there, and we had so much fun together while we were waiting for audition :) I've heard that people going to sing such things like - Adele, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Loreen. They might have such powerful voices and I was so far from this. I saw before me about 50 people went to the door of the building, and came out with the words, "I haven't passed." I was so sorry, and got much nervous.

There were two rounds, and on the first round the judge should give you a sticker with the number, which means you may go to the second round. I wasn't sure if I get this sticker.When I entered the room, there sat a guy to whom I went and gave a profile. Around the room there were a lot of people, and the others were singing there, they were heard. And I must not have lost, and try to sing well so that to be liked by that person. My knees were shaking, and I started singing Taylor Swift - Love Story, then my original song Fallen In Love. Then, the judge took the sticker (Oh you should have seen my eyes)  I thought he was joking! And he said to me that I pass on. I could not believe it: D

Then I went to another room, there were 3 judges. They asked me to sing something pop. I didn't know what song I should sing. Cher Lloyd stuck in my head and I sang Cher Lloyd - Want U back, and Amy Diamond - Whats in it for me. They said "good job", and "we will call you". Oh, I can't describe that feeling. Woah :)

I'm not sure if they really will call, as they are looking for pop singers, but I am more country. But anyway  I have  passed two rounds for the first time.  I had such a lovely time there. Be ready for a new song:) Thank you GOD. Thank you Mum. And Thank You. :)


  1. Good Luck, Nadya! I think they liked you. Someone may have a strong voice, but besides a person should shine like a star. You are shining, Nadya. That is what they saw in YOU first of all.

    1. Woah, your comment made my day! Thank you so much :)
      Am I shining? Aww, it's all because of you :) Thanks for the warm words. I truly appreciate it.
      Keep shining too, love you.

  2. I always knew Nadya that you would be upon a big stage, and I was right as you just came off one not so long ago. Your Mum Is right to In what she said? You are 16. It Is free, and what have you got to lose.

    I would of been extremely nervous I think, especially with everyone watching, but you should be use to all of this as your a natural. You was born for this, and It runs through your blood.

    You picked good songs to sing too. Maybe you don't have a voice like everyone else, but thats good. Your you, and what you come out with fits your mold perfectly.

    Do you remember when I said to you that I am proud of you? I still am. I have always been proud of you, and now I am even more glad that I bumped In to you.

    Don't ever stop trying OK.

    You are right? You are not a pop singer. You are a country singer. The next Taylor Swift. Taylor writes beautiful music, and so do you.

    I haven`t forgotten you. How could I. Smile..!

    1. Hey Louie

      Thank you for this note. How are you doing?

      Yay, I am so glad my Mum made me go to this contest. I got such wonderful and positive emotions. I met really nice people, and that was really a good experience to me.

      I was truly nervous. I prayed all the time. I was like "GOD, please don't let me fail". I tried to do all my best and sang with all my heart.

      Yes, I know that my voice isn't for XFactor. They need a ready -made singer. And I still should work on my voice. And as I said before they need pop singers. I do like pop music. But I feel that country is more closer to me. This is my music. To be honest I wasn't going to sing Cher and Amy. I didn't plan to go to the second level. But then I was like "Woah, I passed", and they want to hear pop. This is why I remembered about Cher and Amy.

      Thank you so much for the support. Glad you still feel proud of me. That's very nice of you.

      I won't. Music is who I am. I'll try till forever.

      Awe, thanks. I'm very glad you haven't forgotten me. Me too.

      You smile, I smile.