Saturday, October 6, 2012


About three weeks ago 10th and 11th grades visited Akmola Camp where were imprisoned and worked the wives of political prisoners. It is situated not far from Astana. (Astana is a capital of my country.)

"Algeria" - Akmola Сamp for the Wives of Political Traitors. The women called it in Russian ALZHIR as the  letters meant words: АЛЖИР - Акмолинский Лагерь Жён Изменников Родины. The 17th women's camp a special unit of the Karaganda forced labor Camps. ALGERIA was one of the largest camps of the Soviet women, one of the three islands, "The Gulag Archipelago." The opening of the camp was held in early 1938 on the basis of the 26th township labour settlement as a forced labor camp "P-17".

In the camp there were special conditions, in particular, has been banned every kind of correspondence, parcels. There was a special ban on work in the fields, but most women with the "necessary" camp professions still worked in the specialty. Most sick people, children and the elderly were working on sewing and embroidery factories.

Musicians, poets, teachers were engaged in agricultural fields, as well as a part-time job at a construction site.

The early years of the camp, were the worst for the prisoners. Anguish, hard work, a strange life - all this made life particularly excruciating.

In this camp were such famous people - Lisician Mary Vartanovna, Messerer-Plisetskaya, Rachel M., Satz, Natalia Ilyinichna Serbin, Ksenia Nikolaevna Solomyanskaya, Leah Lazarevna, Peters, Antonina Zakharovna.

The worst thing, especially for me, as I couldn't even hear about that, that the mothers were separated from their young children for years.

In 1953, the 17th branch KarLag Akmola camp was closed.

And there are some pictures from this trip.

Picture symbolizing pigeons trying to break free. Anyone of them could fly, others couldn't. The same story of a prisoner of Algeria.
Some portraits of Algerian women prisoners.

The Wall, where written women's surnames of those who had passed the horrors of the camp.

Each of us, began to look for namesakes or relatives. I did not find Fogelgesang, but found the last name of my grandmother. :)

And one name that I could not walk by. This last name is Anderson.
Clothing women prisoners camp.
 A symbol of   unfreedom.
Algeria outside.

Life goes on... Smile :)


  1. Here's why this land called holy because many innocent souls were lost on this earth.

  2. This Is very sad, but of course these camps did exist before you, or I was born. You know my views on wars. You think the same. These ladies of course were Imprisoned because they married the enemy. They were later then called traitors.Mothers, sisters, daughters, and young children. The museum has a monument colored In silver, and black (Above) There Is a graveyard at the rear too marked with a cross, and a crescent moon.

    I see It: Андерсон.

    Life does go on, but lets hope that history does not get repeated, Instead, we must learn from It, and never forget.

    War Is an awful thing.

    All of us need to live In peace, and harmony to get us through our life.

    They are very nice pictures Надя :)

    I like history, especially reading or discovering about It. I like to teach myself things that I need to learn.

    I hope everyone Is alright.

    Nice write up too.!