Sunday, December 11, 2011


An old man lived by the sea shore. He lived all alone, and he did not have anyone to speak to. One night, he heard a knock at the door. He said:
- Who's there?
Outside the door someone said:
- This is your wealth.
But the old man replied:
- I was fabulously rich, but it has not brought me happiness.
And he did not open the door! The next day he again heard a knock at the door.
- Who's there? - He asked.
- It's your love! - He heard the answer.
But the old man replied:
- I was loved, I loved madly, but It did not bring happiness! - And he did not open the door again.
On the third day someone knocked him back.
- Who's there? - Asked the elder.
- This is your friendship! - He heard in reply. The elder smiled and opened the door:
- I'm always happy for friends.
But suddenly ... together with the friendship came to him the love and wealth. And the elder said:
- But I only invited the friendship!
And they answered him:
- You have lived so many years on earth and still not understand? Just come with FRIENDSHIP and LOVE and WEALTH!

This is not what I wrote. I just translated. But while I was translating this I felt as if I had heard something similar before? Yes i got it: “But seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

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  1. I think this Is lovely, and so true too. I think people these days, Nadya, they depend on wealth (Money) but It does not buy you happiness, yes It can be nice to have money, but It also makes you very sad.Love?? This Is another word which I use sparely. I never look for love, I wait for love to find me. Love Is a very complex word, and It means so many. If I were to help people In Africa, I am showing my love. I would never go up to a girl, and say, want me to show you love. Friendship?? This Is something that I am very passionate about. I choose my friends very closely. I dont have many but I have more than enough.

    Wealth means nothing to me. Friendship I adore, and Love?? Love Is given to all of us by "GOD" handed to us by our parents. It`s up to us how we deliver then.

    Great story, Nadya:)